Monday, January 26, 2015


Parents, we are in need of more BALOO trained adults in our Pack.  

Why?  Great question! I'm glad you asked.  You see, aa Pack we not allowed to camp-out anywhere other than at a Council or District sponsored event UNLESS we have at LEAST one BALOO trained adult.  We currently only have two BALOO trained adults in our ENTIRE PACK!  Also, they are BOTH in our Webelos I den!  

Furthermore, as a Pack, we like to have a minimum of two BALOO trained adults on every Pack camp out because if there is only one.... and that person has to leave... the campout has to be over.  It's not allowed to continue per BSA rule.  The more BALOO trained adults we have in our Pack, the better off everyone is!

But have no fear.... THIS WEEKEND there is an upcoming training provided by no other than our illustrious Mustang District Training Committee.  The catch?  We need parents to attend!  

WHAT:  BALOO Training
WHERE:  Northwood Church, 1870 Rufe Snow Drive (enter on Kids side)
WHEN:  Saturday, January 31 from 8:30 am - 5pm
WHY:  Because our camping program DEPENDS ON YOU!
COST:  $15 per person

Ready to sign up?  Awesome click here and register online.  Once you complete the course, you get a handy dandy business sized card that signifies you are indeed a BALOO trained adult.  Please take a copy of it (picture from your phone is just fine) and send it to April to update our Pack database.  

This is one way and one afternoon that you can do something small that will make a big difference to the boys' program.  After all, we do it ALL for them!  Please consider attending the training.

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