Monday, November 17, 2014

Pack Meeting, Popcorn and More -- OH MY!

Don't forget TOMORROW, at 6:30 Tuesday, November 18 is the November Pack meeting at the Bear Creek Park fire pit.  

Park in the parking lot by the sand volleyball court and go over the bridge to the opposite side of the creek.  

Webelos Den 3 Den Chief, Josh Gregorsok, from Troop 1910 will be our Fireman.  Please do not allow any children in or near the fire.  Along the same lines, he will be the only on responsible for putting anything in or removing anything from the fire until the flag retirement ceremony and then Parents, we would like you present beside them as they place their flag parts into the pit (safety first).  Parents, please explain this to your children.  Leaders, please reiterate this with your den.  

Wind chills will be down to 30 when it's over so please dress warmly.  Uniforms are certainly not required... coats and gloves definitely are!

This isn't just an average campfire, this will be a flag retirement ceremony which we will attempt to make sure that ALL our older scouts definitely get a part to play.  If you are FOR SURE going to be there and are a Webelos I or Webelos II, please e-mail me ASAP so that I can save you a speaking part.  

Scouts should be sure to bring a HEADLAMP if you have it (to keep your hands free for reading), a chair and an extra blanket... you may need it!  I would definitely bring a hat ... with flaps. We won't judge!  

Our event will commence at 6:30 sharp.  Once the service has ended, we invite pack members and their families over for some hot chocolate and a light snack.  Thank you to Heather DeLeon and Family for overseeing this!  Please see her during set-up to offer her assistance.

Remember there are several CRITICAL and VERY crucial collections going on at this event.

1) POPCORN. If you have yet to turn in your popcorn sales money for take order OR for the popcorn you already took and sold (from the September meeting), I have the sheets and need all monies turned in ASAP! If you haven't submitted your son's prize (applicable for take order sales ONLY -- sorry, council rules, not mine), I need your prize selection as well.  If you had take order SALES to pick up, they will be in the back of April's van.  They will be there.  Council failed to give us two kinds of popcorn which they apparently ran out so some orders are not complete.  I have been trying to ascertain what the deal is and when we should expect something.  As soon as I know, I will be passing this information along.  

2) COMMUNITY SERVICE DONATION to the food bank!  We would love each scout to bring at least two canned goods to donate to the food pantry.  A collection box will be set up for this purpose.

3) RECHARTER PAYMENT & PAPERWORK - The deadline for current members to renew is 11/30.  Clicking the heading above will take you to the blog link with more information.We need payment, health forms, volunteer forms

4) COWBOYS SLEEPOVER COMMITMENT - The deadline is the 25th but now would be a great time to turn that information in as well.  That information and registration forms can be found here.  We do have a deadline to reach in order to get the small price break they offer.  It's not much but every little bit helps.

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