Friday, April 25, 2014

Save the Date for Summer Fun!

Just because school will soon be coming to an end and the summer will be starting does not mean that Pack 1910 stops meeting.  Although dens typically do not hold regular meetings, our Pack provides a year-round program for our Scouts!  This year is no different.  In fact, we have an excellent summer in store!

Plus, one of the benefits of staying active in Scouts for the summer is the opportunity to earn a National Summertime Award!  

summertime pack award pin

These awards are rank-specific emblems (pins) that the boys can wear on their uniforms.  Boys will earn whichever rank corresponds to what they will be working on come the start of summer.  If they are WORKING on their bear rank, they will earn the bear summertime emblem.  To earn this award, Scouts only need to participate in ONE event per month throughout the summer.  However, with the excitement we have in store, I am certain they won't want to miss ANY of the fun!  We hope you join us for lots of fun all summer long!

Curious as to what really IS in store? Wait no further...

7 - Star Party (nighttime gathering at local museum with ginormous telescopes) (FREE)
20 - Drive-in Movie Night (group rate)
26 - Craftsmanship Demonstrations at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (FREE)

July Dragonfly 
5 - Star Party
11/12 - Summit Climbing Gym lock in (pending confirmation)
28 - Grapevine Aquarium

2 - Star Party (pm)
2  - Kingsnake Show 
23 - Raingutter Regatta

Events are now being added to the calendar and you should receive notifications for each.  

Please note that attendance will be TRACKED for each event (for award purposes) and you will need to RSVP when the invites go out so that we have an accurate head count for planning/payment purposes. 

**Please note that the Star Parties are listed for every month of the summer.  In the event you are unable to make one of the other more group-oriented events (meaning something that will appear on the schedule only once), we still wanted to give our Pack families every opportunity to get out and enjoy something fun with your Scout.

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