Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Camping We Will Go

Tomorrow is Pack 1910's Spring Campout.  We will be soaking up the sun on the outer banks of Lake Grapevine in Meadowmere Park.

MeadowmereParkMap 2014

Please print this map to take with you so you are familiar with the campsite numbering.

Friday: For those of you arriving Friday, check in with the guard shack and let them know that you are with Pack 1910. Our Pack was assigned campsites further up the path than we normally are. Let the Park Rangers tell you specifically what site number to camp near. We will be near a community fire ring. You may start a campfire Friday night if you wish. Be sure to follow proper protocol for open fires and have a shovel and water buckets ready to extinguish the flames.

Saturday: With people coming and going throughout the morning and early afternoon, breakfast and lunch will be on each family. Pack activities will start after lunch. We will be doing an orienteering course. If you have a compass bring it. If you have other large area games you would like to play, be sure to bring those materials as well (footballs, baseballs/gloves, fishing poles, etc.) Saturday night we will share a community meal and make s'mores for dessert. This will be provided by the Pack. Each family is encouraged to bring their own mess kit and water bottles. We will have a campfire time and enjoy the company of one another.

Sunday: Sunday morning we will have a continental breakfast and share in a Scout service. We will break camp and survey the site to make sure we leave no trace.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO NOTE: I received notification that there is indication of the probability of extremely severe weather on Saturday and/or Sunday. However, current forecasts are only showing a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms on Sunday. We WILL be monitoring the situation carefully. If any call needs to be made, your e-mail will be the place to check (unless, of course, you are right there with us camping!) We take severe weather very seriously. However, we have a plan of action and until there is a need to worry, we shan't!

We have a small group camping (as is usual in the spring), but it will be great to get outside and enjoy a day at the lake. Thank you for investing this time with your son!

Not sure what all you need to bring? Feel free to give me a call! Or, if you have any other questions, please feel free to call or text me or Tom Harmon.  Our cellular numbers were sent to attendees via e-mail.

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