Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

This is one of the COOL awards that is actually a patch emblem that is sewn directly onto the pocket flap!  It can be earned EVERY YEAR of your Cub Scout's scouting career with different requirements for each rank.  The first year is the patch, after that it's pins that are pinned onto the patch. 

First and foremost, to earn this award -- attendance at CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP is mandatory! So, have YOU signed up your scout for Day Camp yet?  It's an AWESOME 4-day experience for the boys and the Mustang District puts on one of THE best and largest Day Camps in our Council!  Click HERE for more information on Day Camp and how to register.

Back to the Outdoor Activity Award. . .   Scouts would start working on this award after school is over this year and therefore, it will apply toward their NEW Scout rank which they begin working on the first day of summer.  They will have the ENTIRE YEAR to meet the requirements of that year's rank-specific criteria.  The requirements are:

All Ranks

Attend Cub Scout day camp or Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camp.


Tiger Cubs

Complete one requirement in Achievement 5, "Let's Go Outdoors" (Tiger Cub Handbook) and complete three of the outdoor activities listed below.

Wolf Cub Scouts

Assemble the "Six Essentials for Going Outdoors" (Wolf Handbook, Elective 23b) and discuss their purpose, and complete four of the outdoor activities listed below.

Bear Cub Scouts

Earn the Cub Scout Leave No Trace Award (Bear Handbook, Elective 25h) and compete five of the outdoor activities listed below.

Webelos Scouts

Earn the Outdoorsman Activity Badge (Webelos Handbook) and complete six of the outdoor activities listed below.

Outdoor Activities for all Ranks

With your den, pack, or family:

  • Participate in a nature hike in your local area. This can be on an organized, marked trail, or just a hike to observe nature in your area.
  • Participate in an outdoor activity such as a picnic or park fun day.
  • Explain the buddy system and tell what to do if lost. Explain the importance of cooperation.
  • Attend a pack overnighter. Be responsible by being prepared for the event.
  • Complete an outdoor service project in your community.
  • Complete a nature/conservation project in your area. This project should involve improving, beautifying, or supporting natural habitats. Discuss how this project helped you to respect nature.
  • Earn the Summertime Pack Award.
  • Participate in a nature observation activity. Describe or illustrate and display your observations at a den or pack meeting.
  • Participate in an outdoor aquatic activity. This can be an organized swim meet or just a den or pack swim.
  • Participate in an outdoor campfire program. Perform in a skit, sing a song, or take part in a ceremony.
  • Participate in an outdoor sporting event.
  • Participate in an outdoor Scout's Own or other worship service.
  • Explore a local city, county, state, or national park. Discuss with your den how a good citizen obeys the park rules.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

That's Not Too Bad...

I am April Driggers.  I am your Committee Chair.  I am a child of God, a mom to three boys, a wife, a hobbyist, an organizer, an family manager, a scrapbooker, a photographer, a blogger, a chef, a reader, a taxi, a nurse, a psychiatrist, a counselor, a craft guru, a volunteer.  I give up my time monthly, weekly, sometimes daily to work with and for this Pack because I believe in what Scouting can do for young men.

I believe that the electronic age pushes families further apart.  I believe that the television isn’t a substitution for conversation.  I believe that these young men will grow up too fast and you will look back wondering where the time went.  I feel that if you play your cards right — this small gift you’ve been given while they’re this young — you can make some memories that will last YOU BOTH a lifetime and then some!

I believe that little boys want to spend time with their parents outside, in nature, looking at bugs, digging in the dirt, working with their hands, learning to use tools and to take care of themselves.  I believe that keeping them from doing this is really a great injustice. 

I believe that hard work should be rewarded and that all Scouts deserve recognition for a job well done.  I believe they all deserve a chance to prosper in the Scouting world because it not only benefits them as an individual, but also as a family member, a Scout, a citizen. 

I believe there will be times when they don’t want to go to a den or Pack meeting, work on a requirement,  or finish a project but I know that having a supportive parent alongside them will be all the motivation they need to finish the job.  I believe that could be a fantastic memory to help them realize their value and the value of their word.

I don’t believe these boys care if our houses are immaculate, if they dine on gourmet meals, if they have brand labels on everything they own, if everything is neatly organized and in its place.  However, I DO believe they care how much time you spend with them doing something FUN that THEY want to do.  I believe many parents haven’t even seen how many fun activities are just sitting in their son’s books waiting to be completed.  It’s not a book of achievements — it’s a book full of memory making potential!

I believe we all “one minute” our kids to death… and they’re going to wonder, at some point, when they are important enough for one minute of your time. 

I volunteer for this Pack because I believe in Scouts.  I believe in the idea that we, as a society, need to be responsible for providing young men with healthy environments to learn to be leaders, to accomplish great things and to be provided opportunity to grow.  It all starts with one spark… wouldn't it be awesome to know that because you chose to spend time with your son that you got to witness that spark take off in his life?  Perhaps some woodworking project will lead him to become a master carpenter or that by learning about rockets it would lead him to be the next NASA engineer!  Far fetched?  Maybe, but I like to dream big about the potential in all these young men.

I don’t enjoy stress nor do I enjoy doing a lot of the jobs on my own, but I do them… I do it for the boys because I feel that I owe them my time because I said that I would lead this Pack… and I don’t take that job lightly. 

I believe that when I say those words, “I promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people and to obey the Law of the Pack” that it’s my obligation to keep them.  I believe those words.  I do and I believe that if that’s the only creed these young men learn to live by… that’s not too bad.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Save the Date for Summer Fun!

Just because school will soon be coming to an end and the summer will be starting does not mean that Pack 1910 stops meeting.  Although dens typically do not hold regular meetings, our Pack provides a year-round program for our Scouts!  This year is no different.  In fact, we have an excellent summer in store!

Plus, one of the benefits of staying active in Scouts for the summer is the opportunity to earn a National Summertime Award!  

summertime pack award pin

These awards are rank-specific emblems (pins) that the boys can wear on their uniforms.  Boys will earn whichever rank corresponds to what they will be working on come the start of summer.  If they are WORKING on their bear rank, they will earn the bear summertime emblem.  To earn this award, Scouts only need to participate in ONE event per month throughout the summer.  However, with the excitement we have in store, I am certain they won't want to miss ANY of the fun!  We hope you join us for lots of fun all summer long!

Curious as to what really IS in store? Wait no further...

7 - Star Party (nighttime gathering at local museum with ginormous telescopes) (FREE)
20 - Drive-in Movie Night (group rate)
26 - Craftsmanship Demonstrations at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (FREE)

July Dragonfly 
5 - Star Party
11/12 - Summit Climbing Gym lock in (pending confirmation)
28 - Grapevine Aquarium

2 - Star Party (pm)
2  - Kingsnake Show 
23 - Raingutter Regatta

Events are now being added to the calendar and you should receive notifications for each.  

Please note that attendance will be TRACKED for each event (for award purposes) and you will need to RSVP when the invites go out so that we have an accurate head count for planning/payment purposes. 

**Please note that the Star Parties are listed for every month of the summer.  In the event you are unable to make one of the other more group-oriented events (meaning something that will appear on the schedule only once), we still wanted to give our Pack families every opportunity to get out and enjoy something fun with your Scout.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day Camp

Be sure to check our Day Camp page for updates on all that's happening with summer Day Camp!  This is THE place to start off your new scouting year!  Just click on the words "Day Camp" above or on the word Day Camp in the menu bar above to be taken to the page dedicated to all things Day Camp.

Oh, and some extra cool news to share!  They just added something new and awesome to the week of Day Camp-- a Medieval FEAST!  That's right!  Friday at the Basswood Activity Center not only will Crew 336 be cooking up turkey legs, corn on the cob and potato wedges, but there will be bounce houses, snakes, jousting & more!  More information to follow on how to register for that!  Stay tuned!  6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

A Camping We Will Go

Tomorrow is Pack 1910's Spring Campout.  We will be soaking up the sun on the outer banks of Lake Grapevine in Meadowmere Park.

MeadowmereParkMap 2014

Please print this map to take with you so you are familiar with the campsite numbering.

Friday: For those of you arriving Friday, check in with the guard shack and let them know that you are with Pack 1910. Our Pack was assigned campsites further up the path than we normally are. Let the Park Rangers tell you specifically what site number to camp near. We will be near a community fire ring. You may start a campfire Friday night if you wish. Be sure to follow proper protocol for open fires and have a shovel and water buckets ready to extinguish the flames.

Saturday: With people coming and going throughout the morning and early afternoon, breakfast and lunch will be on each family. Pack activities will start after lunch. We will be doing an orienteering course. If you have a compass bring it. If you have other large area games you would like to play, be sure to bring those materials as well (footballs, baseballs/gloves, fishing poles, etc.) Saturday night we will share a community meal and make s'mores for dessert. This will be provided by the Pack. Each family is encouraged to bring their own mess kit and water bottles. We will have a campfire time and enjoy the company of one another.

Sunday: Sunday morning we will have a continental breakfast and share in a Scout service. We will break camp and survey the site to make sure we leave no trace.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO NOTE: I received notification that there is indication of the probability of extremely severe weather on Saturday and/or Sunday. However, current forecasts are only showing a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms on Sunday. We WILL be monitoring the situation carefully. If any call needs to be made, your e-mail will be the place to check (unless, of course, you are right there with us camping!) We take severe weather very seriously. However, we have a plan of action and until there is a need to worry, we shan't!

We have a small group camping (as is usual in the spring), but it will be great to get outside and enjoy a day at the lake. Thank you for investing this time with your son!

Not sure what all you need to bring? Feel free to give me a call! Or, if you have any other questions, please feel free to call or text me or Tom Harmon.  Our cellular numbers were sent to attendees via e-mail.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Fundraiser

As most of you are aware, we are well into our Spring Fundraiser -- World's Finest Chocolate!

As a Pack Committee, we are determined to make sure we keep our annual dues at $75 per scout but that means that we WILL need to rely heavily on our two fundraisers -- fall (popcorn) and spring (chocolate).  

Who DOESN'T like chocolate?  It's an easy sell.  $2 an item.  Parents are welcome to take the box to their work, set it on their desk and when people see it, they just can't resist!  

The fees earned from this fundraiser are going to cover the cost of the shortage due to the increase in the BSA annual membership fee.  As it stands we are left with about $5 per scout to cover all rank and awards.  A spring fundraiser will help us supplement that shortage as well as cover the food and fees associated with our Pack camp-outs (not the camp-outs at Sid Richardson for the Fall Festival, etc.) -- just our Pack events.  It is our desire that the camp-outs be a place for everyone to just show up, set up, pitch in and have a good time without worrying about fees.  

For a quick breakdown on the financial aspect of why we need to fund raise:
  • BSA membership fee $24
  • BSA insurance $1.50
  • Boy's Life $12
  • Neckerchief slide $5
  • Neckerchief $7
  • Pack # patch $2
  • Scout handbook $9
  • Pinewood derby car $4
  • Raingutter regatta boat $5.5
TOTAL before any rank insignia, beltloops, pins, awards, etc is $70.  

Our annual pack fees are only $75. 

So, the Committee chose the World's Finest Chocolate as our fundraising partner for the spring.  Each boy will get a box of a variety of chocolate products.  There are only 30 items in the box.  They are $2 each.  Sell all the boxes, our Pack profits over $1,000!!!  
The major collection will be made at the bridging ceremony in May.  If you think your son could sell more than one, we welcome you to check out more than one box.  What most families are doing is writing a check for $60 to the pack to, in essence, BUY the box themselves then they just keep the proceeds as they come in.  That way, too, if they feel the need to have a box of delicious chocolate covered almonds, they've already paid for them.  Not that I would know anything about that!

If you do not have your box yet, please see your den leader.  If you need another, please see April Driggers.  We have extra boxes that need to be sold!  Right now Drew Driggers and Garret Brown are neck in neck both with two boxes checked out each!

We thank you for helping the Pack "GO"

Yours in Scouting, 
April Driggers
Committee Chair

Congratulations to Alissa Downham!

Every year we are given the opportunity to select an individual to receive the Unit Driving Force Award to be presented at the Mustang District Banquet. The Driving Force Award is for the unit to recognize its faithful adult leaders, parents or helpers. 

This year we selected Alissa Downham. Alissa has been an active leader and Committee Member for several years within our Pack. Not only has she been our Popcorn Kernel for the past three years with the responsibility of coordinating the annual show-and-sell fundraiser, the take order sales, pick up, distribution and follow-through with Council, she has also been a Den Leader from Tiger to Wolf as well as an Assistant Den Leader for the Bears this year. 

Although she is no longer active within our Pack, she was presented with her award this weekend. Her spirit, enthusiasm and leadership are already greatly missed. We appreciate the heart and soul she poured into this Pack. So, please join me in wishing Alissa the best and giving her a thank you next time you see her. 

This was just a small way for us to let her know just how much she is and was appreciated! 

Thank you Alissa!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Camp-out!

Due to sports schedules, Safe Sanctuary ratios, and the accessibility of BALOO trained adults, we have MOVED the spring camp-out from Austin to GRAPEVINE.  We hope this allows for those with local sports requirements to be able to attend the campout and still represent their teams effectively.

We will now be camping Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28 at Meadowmere Park on Lake Grapevine.

The address is 3000 Meadowmere Lane, Grapevine, TX.  Once you reach the entrance gate to the park, be sure to tell the Park Rangers that you are with Pack 1910.  We have to pay for everyone so it is imperative we know who all is coming.  

There will be NO COST to this camp-out.  The proceeds from the sales of the World's Finest Chocolates we are now holding will cover the cost of this camp-out for all who attend.  That being said, we do need a FIRM HEADCOUNT.  

Please e-mail April Driggers NOW with your RSVP.  (Click on her name to e-mail her your head-count).

For the purposes of meal planning, I need to know the head-count for BOTH Friday and Saturday.  I will assume if you're staying Saturday night that you will be joining us for breakfast Sunday so that's a given.  While there will be organized activities, you will be permitted to come and go at your leisure to attend local sporting events.  There is just much good about getting kids out in nature that we don't want the location to deter families from participating.

A firm agenda will be sent out to everyone before the event.  We look forward to a great turn-out!  Camping helps us keep the OUT in ScOUTing!  Let's get those boys outdoors!

It's Time for DayCamp!

Here ye!  Here ye!  It's time to register for Cub Scout Day Camp!

All Cub Scouts desiring to become Knights are hereby requested to attend the “Medieval Times” themed Day Camp!  Monday-Thursday, June 9th-12th at Harvest Church in Watauga.

Cubs will be grouped together for a Tiger – Bear Specific program.  Along the same lines, Webelos will be grouped together for a Webelos Specific Program.  There will be BB and archery ranges as well.

Registration is NOW OPEN by clicking here.
$85 per scout
This registration fee includes all activities, a day camp hat and t-shirt.

Registration requirements are as follows:  

  • For a participant – Health form (hardcopy), on-line registration and payment
  • For adult chaperones or volunteers – Adult health form (which includes background information), on-line registration, Youth Protection Training (classroom) and payment (for t-shirt.  All registered volunteers are expected to purchase a t-shirt.)

If you have a current health form on file that will be good through the end of day camp, you are set.  If you don't know, feel free to complete a new one here and turn that into April Driggers ASAP.  

The experiences isn't limited to Scouts.  It's also provided to the wee lads and lasses.  Younger children who are kindergarten-aged or lower can attend the tot-lot. They must by potty-trained.  In the past the cost has been $5 per day per child, I will verify this information.  

The Mustang District Royal Court needs many Noble Lords and Ladies to guide and teach the young knights.  We are always interested in volunteers. We generally have two different types of volunteer positions available.

Chaperones – these are the adults that travel with the boys from station to station throughout the day. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please see April Driggers.  We need TWO ADULTS for every TEN BOYS.

Camp volunteer staff – these are adults that will staff positions at day camp. These positions may be stations for crafts, education, fun, BB/Archery ranges, the tot-lot, etc. If you are interested in this type of a position, please let April Driggers know and she will put you in touch with the Day Camp Director.

While it is not a requirement, we do ASK that each parent that signs a scout up for Day Camp volunteers at least one day as a chaperone.  This helps ensure that our required ratios are met and that they do not split up our Pack due to insufficient chaperones.  Stated differently, if we can ensure that our dens are adequately covered by chaperones, we stay together.  If we cannot, there is no guarantee that your den will remain intact and they will be split up and boys stuck with other groups that do have sufficient coverage.  We do NOT want that to happen so we ask that you please volunteer.  We will need volunteers every day of camp.  If you have a more flexible schedule and can fill in where there is a need, please let April know.

Once your registrations have been processed and paid -- PRINT OUT A COPY.  We need either an electronic or hard copy of this not only to ensure that everyone who registers shows up on our Pack's list, but also to make sure we have adequate chaperones for each day of camp as well as to verify t-shirt sizes before distribution, etc.

It's a great time!!!  Come join us!