Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Safe Sanctuary

The Boy Scouts of America require that ALL registered leaders in our program be Youth Protection Trained.  As a Pack, however, we strive to have EVERY PARENT (registered or not) to be trained (it's free, it's online and it requires a mere 20-30 minutes of your attention.  It's just a good idea in any youth program to have everyone on the same page.)

Additionally, our Chartered Organization, First United Methodist Church of Keller requires not only that involved parties in our Scouting unit be YPT trained but ALSO be Safe Sanctuary Trained.  There has been a revision for the Safe Sanctuary policy and EVERYONE in leadership ... and again, we would like ALL of our parents to please invest this time into our program by getting Safe Sanctuary trained.  If you're an assistant den leader, you need it.  We have to have this at den meetings.  We have to have this at Pack meetings.  If we want to maintain our charter, this has to happen.  There IS A DEADLINE.  

Please see the below from the church.  Once you have submitted for this with the church, PLEASE LET US KNOW.  If you have training received through your church, I'm not sure it applies but you're welcome to CALL THE CHURCH directly to field those questions.  I am not in church administration and do not dictate these policies.  (817) 431-1332

Safe Sanctuary Policy Revised 

Renewal Required for All
In order to best offer the love of Christ to the children and youth connected to Keller UMC the KUMC Child/Youth Protection Committee is conducting global renewal process wherein all Eligible Workers, Volunteers and Helpers are required to be re-screened and re-trained. The renewal will be conducted starting January 1, 2014, and will include re-training with an abbreviated, updated video, re-check of criminal history, and renewing the Covenant. The entire process will require about 45 minutes of your time and will help to ensure the ongoing safety of our children/youth.

Please complete the renewal process by March 8, 2014.

RENEWING applicants will read the revised policy, watch the training, sign a new participation covenant, and sign a new background/criminal history check. Renewing applicants are not required to submit new references.

Please click on the following link to renew your eligibility:
http://kellerumc.com/safe_sanctuary2.html (NEW applicants may also use the same link, and will also provide references in addition to the other requirements.) Contact Kim or Lisa in the church office with any questions.

Thank you for your love of God and our kids and your assistance in creating a safe and loving environment her at Keller UMC.

The Keller United Methodist Church Child/Youth Protection Committee

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