Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Committee and Parent Meetings

One Monday a month, Pack 1910 holds Committee/Parent Meetings. 
If there is something you want us to do as a Pack, come to the meeting.  If there is something you want changed, come to the meeting.  If you know you need to step up and help this Pack run in some capacity (no job is too small) but don’t know what you could do or what is needed, THIS is the place to be.  MOST importantly, however, this meeting is where the input happens to decide who, what, where, when, why and how much for all of our Pack’s programs. 

If you want your voice heard, you need to be present.  We need input from every parent so we do hope you take the time to pitch in for the good of the Pack. 

You do NOT need to be a registered leader to attend... just a willingness to participate in discussion and wear a cape (because, you know, we all are superheroes!)

There are lots of exciting items on the agenda. We hope you want to be part of the fun and keep our Pack’s momentum moving forward.

The boys get out of if what WE put into it.  Come join us — everyone has something they can add.

The next Committee/Parent meeting is Monday, March 3 at 7pm in the Hallelujah Center. 

Please be sure to let April Driggers know if you’re going to attend so we can have an adequate amount of Agendas available.

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