Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue & Gold is TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the big day!  The annual celebration -- the birthday party, if you will -- of Cub Scouts!

The purpose of the Blue & Gold is to bring our dens together for an evening of fun and fellowship... enjoy a meal... to watch our boys perform... and to say goodbye to our Webelos II who will be venturing into the world of Boy Scouts.

.... yes... there will be FOOD! 

and YES...there will be desserts!  Don't forget to work with your son TONIGHT to get that western themed dessert prepared!  We can't wait to see!!!

But with the good comes the bad.  (Well, bad for US!)  We will be losing some amazing leaders that have given a part of their lives to this pack, and more importantly, to the young men they have led.

We will be saying goodbye to Sean Downham, Webelos II Den Leader, Kye Duncan, Webelos II Assistant Den Leader and Matt Wilkins, Pack Treasurer.  These three men stepped up to help when it was needed and have since passed the torch on to others to carry.  You see, we ALL need to help the Pack go.

I'm also going to say a BIG thank you in advance to our Blue & Gold Committee for all your hard work coordinating everything.  These are small wonders to put together and we all appreciate you!

Thank you!

I'll end it with a bunny... because, I can.

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